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practically in the present situation the government collect taxes from the 30%middle class and pass on entire free medical schemes to 60%of people who claim to be poor and below poverty.But what does the honest MIG Taxpayer get in return.Nothing.we have to take a medical policy which is quite expensive in India(This is free in other countries for all tax payers).So lots of people cannot afford    medical policies and ultimately endup in debts by borrowing from relatives or money lenders dragging them into further trouble.Moreover if a man earning monthly income of Rs15000 wants to invest in Medical insurance,the insurance companies demand the premium for entire year which the man cannot afford.In this situation what do we do- as a middle class family man who has to take care of family and old parents.WHAT I SUGGEST IS:Based on the annual income of Indian residents ranging from Rs 8000 -Rs 100,000 the government should ask the companies or the residents to invest every month between Rs 2500-Rs 3000 every month for medical facilities free of cost for life time for all residents of India to be treated even for prevailing diseases and even the most incurable diseases like cancer,HIV etc. The GOVT should ensure a decent monthly installment system same like SIP which is affordable to all class of people.They can also provide various slabs of Installments to be collected for general wards,MIG wards,LIG wards ,HNI wards and wards for billionaires.The companies investing in their staff should be given 50% IT benefit.FOR EG:If you take a minimum of 50 crore indian people investing monthly with the government for Medical benefits ,a Rs 1000/month from each individual is approx Rs 50,000 crore and the annual collection is Rs 600,000 crore every year which the government can invest in high technology in medicines in GOVT and PRIVATE institutions.The additional money the GOVT can invest for free education for all taxpayers in future.The GOVT can even demand Rs 4000 per family/month and can club Education as well as Medical programme free of cost to all Tax payers inclusive of Free doctor consulation and medicines for Minor ailments even with your local Family doctors.All Tax payers irrespective of the catagory should be allowed to take treatments at all Top private hospitals -CASHLESS with an Aadhar card or a medical card provided by the govt.All payments to the hospitals to be paid the GOVT or the GOVT appointed Medical insurer.EVERY TAXPAYER SHOULD PAY A CERTAIN AMOUNT COMPULSORILY TO THE GOVT TILL THE AGE OF 60 and after that all medical facilities Should be free for the tax payers till death.The Tax payer who is already into his 50's should be provided  a minimum consolidated amount as he/she had already paid enough taxes throughout their life without any benefits.NOW ENOUGH OF TAKING MONEY FROM MIDDLE CLASS AND PASSING ONTO OTHERS EXCEPT MIG(Middle Income Group).All class of people should be given the same medical facilities rather than dividing the facilities based on Ration card colours.I PERSONALLY REQUEST ALL RESIDENTS OF INDIA MAINLY MIDDLE CLASS INCOME GROUPS WHO ARE THE 75% TAX PAYERS TO COME FORWARD AND SIGN THIS PETITION  TO AVAIL FREE MEDICAL FOR OUR FAMILIES ALSO. For Example:The Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandaya Yogna where all types of operations are done free of cost is not for MIDDLE CLASS TAX PAYERS instead money is taken from us and facilities provided to people staying in slums who are much better of than Middle class and to certain people whom few politicians has catagorized as poor people.If you really go to any part of India each and every person we come across earn a min of Rs 10,000.They have families,they have meals 3 times,they go to govt hospitals for treatments,they go for regular piligrimages,Visits cities as tourists,gets job benefits and school and college admissions based on castes.So who is poor IN INDIA.Today richest of Richest communities are provided minority status by the Indian government.Only Middle class and General catagory people are left behind .Why so much discrimination in the country to your own residents.THERE IS NO POOR PEOPLE AS DESCRIBED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TODAY REALLY POOR IS THE MIDDLE INCOME GROUP AND WHO PAY THE HIGHEST TAXES.HOPE MY MESSAGE IS LOUD AND CLEAR TO THE PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA AND THE CHIEF MINISTERS OF ALL STATES.                       

Pramod Menon

Vice President/AtlasAviation i pvt Ltd           President-Citizens Welfare Association (N.G.O)





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