A FILM release of MICHAEL JACKSONS Bad Tour 1988/89! #MJBadTourHD

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Michael Jacksons Bad World Tour started in September 1987 and ended in January 1989. While fans have seen some concerts of the first leg in 1987, they have only seen short snippets of high quality U-Matic tape or film footage from the second and third leg of the tour. Over three decades later, the world is still waiting to see a proper HD release of the Bad Tour 1988/89. A Tour that broke world-records. We, the Fans of Michael Jackson believe it's about time to have such a release happening. Not only for our enjoyment but also for the LEGACY of the king of pop. The Bad Tour showed Michael Jackson at his peak and the world needs to see this.

People of the film-crew have revealed that several shows were shot on film. Those contain at least two shows of London (Wembley), Paris, Lausanne, Liverpool & Minneapolis. Los Angeles (27. Jan. 1989) is known to be available at least on u-matic tape in a very good condition, if not even on film as well. 

It was revealed that in 1988 members of the crew even completely cut and color-graded a full show (16 & 35mm film) from one of the London, Wembley shows.

It's also known that not all the shows were recorded on multitrack-audio. The fans wouldn't mind to have an HD release with a soundboard/front of house audio mix. In addition to a HD release a standalone Live CD of another show could be released to showcase the magic of the bad tour in HD audio as well. Members of the film-crew back then also revealed that several shows were multitracked on a soundtruck. Mentioned examples are: Wembley July 16 and 15, New York, Kansas, Los Angeles (1989). 

We, the Michael Jackson Fan Community kindly ask you to finally give us a proper HD release of Michael Jacksons Bad World Tour 1988/89.

What would it look like to see a MJ-Concert of that time in HD:

On Tour 1988 | SD (VHS) to HD (Film)


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