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Legislation addressing tethering, length of time, conditions, and weather

A dog continuously chained or tethered can suffer immeasurable psychological damage. An otherwise friendly dog, when kept continuously chained, may become neurotic, anxious, and often aggressive. In many cases, the necks of chained dogs become raw and sore, the result of an improperly fitted collar and the dogs' constant straining to escape confinement. Chained dogs frequently become entangled in their chains and are unable to access food, water, and shelter. A chained dog, unable to take flight, often feels forced to fight, attacking any unfamiliar animal or person who wanders into his or her territory. They are also vulnerable to the attacks of predators as a result of being confined.

Michigan’s anti-cruelty law does not address neglect issues such as social isolation, emotional abuse, lack of exercise, and frustration that can lead to aggression – all welfare issues consistently associated with persistent and continuous tethering.

There are dozens of communities and states that have banned or regulated chaining in their animal protection ordinances.

Please join our efforts to change the dog tethering law in Michigan. No dog should spend their entire life at the end of a chain!

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