Corrections and Registry of Sudan's Pre-dynastic and Early Dynastic Period - The METS, NYC

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During my tour at the METS museum in NYC, specifically section 101, I have noticed that the description written under artefacts titled “Weapons, Tools and Warfare”, stated, “conflict started early in Egypt…etc.” which unfortunately had no mention at all of Sudan, even-though these artefacts were found in Jebel Sahaba modern-day Sudan (21° 59′ 0″ N, 31° 20′ 0″ E).

The purpose of this petition is to give Sudan its historical recognition and right of acknowledgment. This stance can improve funding and grants to the field of archaeology in Sudan, might lead to cooperation between the National Museum of Sudan and other museums worldwide, create public awareness among people in Sudan, not to mention might help draw lines towards finding missing components of the Sudanese identity narrowing the gaps and finding common grounds that will help us build and achieve Inclusive Peace, that and so much more.