Bring Infant Annihilator back to Spotify and iTunes.

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Infant Annihilators lyrics have been deemed "too offensive" by Spotify and iTunes, as a metalhead and a fan of the band, i call bullshit. there are countless other artists who has lyrics that are offensive and are still on iTunes and Spotify. i shall not stand back and watch censorship take over the world. music is a form of art and is an expression, it is something that is mad for fun. i've been a fan of Infant Annihilator for a while now, i was in a rough place in my life for a little bit and was just bored of life. one day i decided to put on The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch by Infant Annihilator, as soon as i heard the first song, Unholy Gravebirth, i was blown away, shocked and stunned by how powerful the vocals and instrumentals were. that album truly cheered me up and helped me get out of that dark time i was in. i believe if you ban Infant Annihilators music because you believe it is "too offensive" you should also ban all of the other artists that have offensive lyrics as well, there are even rap artists who have offensive lyrics but are not banned. Horrorcore, is a genre of rap which is talking about killing as well. as a metalhead, i will not let one of my favorite bands be discriminated against and have their music banned. 

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