Reinstate Prof. Craig Medlen

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After 49 years of exemplary service Prof Medlen has been informed his services are no longer needed.  No cause given. 

He has been on one the most widely published professors at Menlo, as well as one of the most popular with both alumni and students. 

Craig has been the active face to alumni at most Menlo events.  While his political leanings may not make him warm and fuzzy to some, they made us hone our skills as students, adopting a path of critical thinking that challenges convention.

The real issue is that Menlo has always been about people, something outsiders may not understand.  From Judge Russell's leadership, we learned that people matter, and that has been what has made Menlo special.  Unfortunately we have allowed a series of outsiders to rule our destiny, destroying much of the Menlo culture. 

It is time the we as alumni and students make it clear to the board, there will be no Menlo without Craig Medlen. 

Craig may decide he prefers to retire, but that should be his decision, he earned at least that. 

Join us is asking that Craig Medlen be given the dignity and respect he deserves.