10 Steps to a Safer Digital Space For Sexuality Professionals, Artists and Educators

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WE ARE SHADOWBANNED ON CHANGE.ORG - please help still spread the petition

Dear supporters, as you know we launched this petition a month ago, after having had talks with different groups of sexuality professionals and representatives of the European parliament, who support this petition. Immediately as we launched, the petition was SHADOWBANNED here at change.org. For a month, we've been trying to contact the support, who have only answered scarcely and haven't given us a reason, and have told us we were 'hidden' be 'the legal department' and now are unhidden - which is not true, as we are still hidden in all European countries, where this petition is relevant! Furthermore, we know of people that have signed and whose signatures don't get added. We've tested it. We also know people have spent money to make the petition visible, which has not happened - this is a fraud.We're outraged. Please - support by asking 3 friends to please sign the petition directly with the link, so that we grow our numbers and gain force: chng.it/phqp4Fzk And if you can - share on social that we've been shadowbanned to make pressure on change.org - you can retweet our tweet on @FSCEurope Thank you!The Free Speech Coalition Europe

FSC Europe
8 months ago