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The People of New Zealand also known as AOTEAROA recently voted for the next three year Term of Parliament under the MMP system.

This resulted in a scenario where the ruling party won a significant number of seats and votes but was unable to Govern as the other Three Parties of consequence combined and formed a coalition of Greens ,Labour/Socialists and Conservatives also known as NZ First.

This very volitile collection of people have rewritten almost all their election promises due to having to make concessions to each other!

NZ now has an assemblage of elected and 40 plus Non Elected MP’s trying to run the Economy. 

To date close to FORTY REVIEWS have been ordered in lieu of Decision Making  

MMP is responsible for this situation and it must be replaced ASAP with a more equitable and Democratic System.  

I call upon a Responsible Member of Parliament to start the process of change. 

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