Should a Doctor convicted of Gross Negligence Manslaughter be able to practice again?

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Should a Doctor that has been convicted by a jury of Gross Negligence Manslaughter of a child in their care be able to practice medicine again?

I took my 6 year old little boy into hospital at 10am 8 years ago with a sickness and diarrhoea bug. 12 hours later we left without him permanently. Devastation doesn’t even come close. 

Before you think, ‘the hospital was understaffed’ or ‘it was a very sad mistake’ a few facts for you to consider!

* The doctor misdiagnosed him with gastroenteritis when there were “Barn door signs” of sepsis: cold hands, cold feet, hot to touch, sickness and diarrhoea, not responsive.

* The doctor was aware that Jack took a drug called Enalapril twice a day 12 hours apart for his heart. It was never documented in his notes that he should not have had it later that evening. At 7.15pm when his next dose was due, I asked a nurse who then asked the duty doctor could he have it and we were advised yes. He should have never had it.  Had the doctor of written that in his notes the nurse would have seen it and said no.

* When inserting the cannula he didn’t flinch;  normally it would take 4 of us when taking his blood. 

* He had a chest x-ray at 11.15am, it was back 12.01pm the doctor ignored the chest X-ray for 3 hours, not reviewing it until 3pm. When the x-ray came back showing pneumonia, the doctor waited another hour for bloods to come back to see whether it was viral or bacterial. The doctor kept him off antibiotics for nearly 6 hours. 

* He was given incorrect bolus fluid; Glenfield Hospital (specialist heart centre familiar with my son) was never contacted even though the doctor was aware of his heart condition. Too much fluid can be as bad as not enough fluid.  

* His stats machine (which shows the amount of oxygen in blood) was switched off around at 1pm. The doctor didn’t notice. With no machine there were no regular checks. He had an oxygen mask on with no monitoring when he should have been in high dependency or intensive care on a ventilator - his body as a whole wasn’t coping by this point. A consultant was never asked to review my son at any point by the doctor.

Around 8pm my son crashed. 

In this crucial moment the doctor got my son confused with another child who was on a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) and known to the hospital. The other child had been discharged at 3pm that same day. She stopped CPR for around 2 minutes.

At 6 years old, my son had died in front of me.

When only a little of the truth is told & ‘system errors’ are used to mask the true human errors, you can’t begin to imagine how upsetting & devastating this is. There was one system error only contributing towards my son’s death on that day, which was when obtaining his blood result later that morning when the system went down. However, had the first blood result showing a high lactate level of 11 not been ignored, this system error would not have even contributed. His lactate level blood results were ignored and not taken seriously. A consultant was never asked to look at my son. 

This was no trainee doctor straight from university. She was actually a Registrar with 6 years’ experience in paediatrics. 

So I ask again, considering all the above and her charge of Gross Negligence Manslaughter, would you want this doctor treating one of your children

If not please sign this petition. You as the general public count, and the public confidence is very important.

I have also purchased the court transcripts from my sons 4.5 week trial which I aim to make public, so that you can read the true facts & not just what some people tend to cherry pick when writing reports & not telling the whole truth.