Medical Board & Potential Threat to Patients' Choices

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The Medical Board of Australia has recently published its intention to strictly regulate or even restrict medical practitioners who practice medicine outside of the normal conservative "big pharma" paradigm. The Board is considering options for clearer regulation of medical practitioners who provide complementary or unconventional medicine or emerging treatments. These treatments include any assessment, diagnostic technique or procedure, diagnosis, practice, therapy or treatment that is not usually considered to be part of conventional medicine, whether used in addition to or instead of conventional medicine .

In their definitions of unconventional practice the Medical Board of Australia mentions  " areas of clinical practice where concerns have been raised but which do not fit within the definitions of complementary and or alternative medicine." This includes Diagnosis of conditions which are not generally accepted, for example Lyme disease (especially in patients who have not been outside Australia)

"Complementary medicine" includes herbal medicines, vitamins and minerals, and anything commonly thought of as alternative medicine and treatments provided outside conventional protocols, such as long-term antibiotics for Lyme-like illness.

If you had previously failed to be given a meaningful diagnosis or effective treatment from previous doctors, particularly specialists, and have now received benefit from treatments of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and or long term antibiotics with "alternative and unconventional medicine" please sign and comment on this petition. Your voice needs to be heard.

If the Medical Board has its way, you will no longer be able to receive all the treatments you have been having from your Doctor, and your choices in the matters of your health, diagnosis and treatment will be restricted or stopped.