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Save our self-esteem: magazines should disclose when Photoshop has been used on models!

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The brainchild of Fran Hayden and Alaska May Louise Harrison.

Such is the nature of this appearance-obsessed culture that we live in, that if you, your body, your hair, your skin and your eyebrows aren’t “on fleek” then you are side-lined and belittled in favour of someone who is closer to the physical ideal - but the effect of this on self-esteem can be detrimental. With young men and women in an often precarious position where the relationship with their bodies is concerned, they are vulnerable and impressionable to the popular images presented to them, and it is saddening to learn that the biggest cause of bullying is appearance based. Young people compete to be the best and strive for physical perfection, but when they are presented with unrealistic beauty images and find that they can’t ever meet the faux perfection of celebrities, the effect on their self-esteem can be destructive. Magazines use photoshop and alter images to maintain a quintessential goal for men and women to adhere to, but those who are represented in the media have a luxury that is out of reach to the rest of us. They are able to eliminate their blemishes, they can change the shape and size of their waists, their thighs and their faces, they can smooth down their hair, they can create an unachievable level of beauty. When celebrities are in a position of influence, they need to recognise that people are looking to them for inspiration and up to them with admiration; they have a level of responsibility which sadly, many are failing to live up to

More could be done to disclose that images in magazines and elsewhere in the media are not representative of real people, if photoshop has been used then people need to be aware of that – if not, then a collapse of self-confidence is imminent. If an image has been photoshopped to within an inch of its life, then there should be a disclaimer somewhere on the image to reinforce the fact that it has been altered, rather than reinforcing the beauty ideals that society has set out for us.


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