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Stop influencing the Republican primary. Let Americans pick the candidate.

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  MSNBC and FOX News, Krauthammer, Ryan, McConnell, Johnson and all the rest are behaving just like the New Black Panthers outside the polls with clubs stopping the people from having their say in the choice of Republican candidate. Shoving Romney down our throats as they shoved McCain on us last time and as Obama/Reid/Pelosi shoved Obamacare down our throats. 

   People who can get on the air for free should not be able to choose a candidate for the American people.

   When anyone who has an opinion tells us over and over that a certain person will win so we should just quit now, there are always some people who are tired or some people who will believe that pundits know something they don't and give up. TWENTY-TWO states have not voted yet. Fewer than half the delegates have been pledged. The WHOLE country should have a say in this decision. It is not right to take the vote from the people in the remaining 22 states.

   LET THE PEOPLE VOTE! LET ALL THE PEOPLE VOTE! Media! Report the race honestly.

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