Make McHenry County, Illinois a Sanctuary County

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Take a stand to protect our Second Amendment rights and make…

Over 62 out of 102 Illinois counties have already declared, or are in the process of declaring, their county a “Sanctuary County” to resist the onslaught of anti-gun legislation aimed at law-abiding gun owners. By declaring McHenry County a Sanctuary County, we accomplish the following:

  • We send a strong message to Springfield that McHenry County stands united to protect our Second Amendment rights.
  • We as McHenry County residents embolden our brothers and sisters in other Illinois counties to take a stand.
  • As more Illinois counties proudly wave the sanctuary banner, we send a resolute message nationwide for other states to take notice.

Join this crusade for our constitutional rights and sign the attached petition to send this patriotic message to Springfield! Unlike any other time in our lives, the fight is on to legally resist the steamroller of anti-gun legislation.

Make it your mission to visit OnTarget and sign this petition or sign below electronically. The petition will only be delivered to the McHenry County board to prove that there is an overwhelming number of concerned believers in our Second Amendment who reside in McHenry County.


"I motion to declare McHenry County, Illinois a Sanctuary County to protect our Second Amendment rights as put forth in the U.S. Constitution."


The Defenders of the Alamo…

In 1836 they fought to the death for the rights of the individual and for freedom. Militarily, it was a defeat. But spiritually, it was a monumental victory as the battle cry of the Alamo resounded across the land.

Today, we see the same faces of our present day supporters of the Second Amendment. Men and women who embody the same spirit of freedom that has transcended through the ages and into the hearts of Americans right here in McHenry County who just want the same as these defenders: Our individual rights and our Freedom.

The fight for our gun rights and has taken another form in 2019. Instead of dealing with the lawless, the Illinois Governor has embarked upon a firm anti-gun campaign to take away more freedom from the lawful and responsible gun owners in this state.

The battle cry has sounded again for patriots and lawful firearm owners as the fight continues in a legal, civilized battlefield. It’s time to send a strong message to the governor and his Praetorian Guard.

Show your commitment to our cause by signing this petition to make McHenry County, Illinois a sanctuary county to protect our Second Amendment rights.

There are no other people on this planet who cherish freedom and individual rights more than American Patriots. Our love of freedom is woven into the very fabric of the American character through the design of our flag.

The blue field represents the sweat and tears of our toil that made us an exceptional nation.

The stars represent the shining character of our countrymen.

The red stripes symbolize the blood spilled of our warriors.

And the white stripes symbolize the purity of our quest to remain free.

McHenry County is our Alamo, and the line is drawn in the sand for us to send the message of peaceful resistance. The worst of all evils is for good men to do nothing to stop it…so join the fight for our freedom, and sign.


"I motion to declare McHenry County, Illinois a Sanctuary County to protect our Second Amendment rights as put forth in the U.S. Constitution."