Winnipeg Police wearing body cams.

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While a 16 year old girl was in the trust of the Winnipeg Police,  she was being removed from the vehicle when an officer discharged his firearm and shot and killed Eishia Hudson. If this officer had a body camera on then we would know what really happened.   

In 2015, in response to the number of high profile shootings of unarmed men by police officers, President Obama pledged funding for a nationwide program to equip departments with body cameras. The first city to trial police body cameras found over a 50% reduction in the total number of use of force incidents by police officers. In Las Vegas, NV there was a 37% drop in the number of police officers involved in the use of force incidents. ( to check my facts).

On March 9th 1988 a man was shot and killed by Constable Robert Cross, according to Wikipedia Cross discharged his weapon and it was initially ruled as an accident, due to strong public demand this lead to an inquiry. The inquiry eventually concluded that Cross had used excessive force in the fatal confrontation. May 27, 2005 Winnipeg Police shot and killed an 18 year old man holding a screw driver which the police interpreted as being a lethal weapon. There is also countless others who died IN POLICE CUSTODY!!!  ( List of killings by law enforcement officers in Canada to check the facts).

This is not about blame, race, age or background! This is justice and answers for the family’s of loved ones who have been murdered by the Winnipeg Police.  The ones who are supposed to protect us are not always the ones we can trust.

I believe that getting the funding for the Winnipeg Police to wear body cameras would help a lot of the people in the community, there is too many unanswered questions for the families of the murdered and allegations against Winnipeg Police for us as a people to not stand up and come together to do something about this. Our community needs to demand justice and answers.   I will not keep my mouth closed to this issue, please sign if you won’t either.