End Renovictions in Vancouver

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Many of us can not longer afford to live in Vancouver.  With skyrocketing rents landlords are given the incentive to use renovations in order to end old tenancies so they can start new leases at luxury prices. 

The Supreme Court of British Columbia has ruled that renovations cannot be used to justify evictions if tenants are prepared to vacate their homes during the renovations.  In spite of that landlords are still trying to use a provision in the RTA to bully tenants who don't know their rights.

Reliance Properties Ltd. is threatening to use renovations to evict every tenant of Berkeley Tower (1770 Davie Street).  This is the only way they can drastically raise rents.  The City of Vancouver can stop this from happening by restricting or withholding development permits.  This petition is to pressure the City to intervene.  If we are successful, Berkeley Tower could set a precedent which ends renovictions for good and make Vancouver more livable for everyone including YOU! 

Berkeley Tower was completed in 1958.  Reliance purchased it in 2016.  Just two years later, they are promising to evict everyone beginning in 2019.  They wish to renovate most of the units, and reconfigure and destroy several others.  In their proposal, 52 luxury units will replace 58 affordable units.  In the midst of a housing crisis this is unconscionable. 

To do these developments, Reliance needs permits from the City of Vancouver.

We, the signatories of this petition, call upon the City of Vancouver to withhold from Reliance Properties Ltd. their permits to develop 1770 Davie Street until they agree to:

1. Engage with the tenants of 1770 Davie Street to determine if evictions are necessary to complete their renovations and commit to not evicting unless necessary;


2. Amend their development application so no units are destroyed where those units are occupied.