Trees Tower Hamlets

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The London Borough of Tower Hamlets has declared a "Climate Emergency", however there is great concern in the borough, that the environment is not being protected sufficiently with planning decisions that seem not to have concerns of the local environment.  Whether it be concerns over the felling of protected trees, mature trees and a veteran tree of 500 yrs.  The building of 17 flats on what was a nature reserve, to be afforded special scientific status, in planning at the moment, a development to be built in Bow Common Lane which will destroy bee habitats, that is bees peculiar to the area.  Building in Public Parks, thus depriving the community of such an advantage of green space, " Public parks are mainly common land and should not be built on full stop.".  Felling trees without good purpose, especially for trees are the lungs of an urban landscape, they should not be felled unless under distress, protected trees, mature trees, veteran trees, conservation areas special to nature should be afforded special status in Tower Hamlets. That any new development, should have a serious well informed environment impact report that all can understand, as well as challenge, should the occasion arise.