save the fresco by Ricardo di Rosa at Manoir du Ster, Penmarc'h

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Ricardo Di rosa, who is the painter of murals who goes by the name Elmer Homero, has started a fresco at Manoir du Ster, an house that was for 80 years a vacation camp for children. These three paintings, covering 180 m2, celebrate life and nature.

The Manoir du Ster is situated in a privileged location in a natural park close to the sea, where people with handicaps live all year or come on holiday. City dwellers also bring their children to learn about farm animals and the natural way of life. The manoir hosts artists and woofers who donate their art in exchange for a chance to stay.

The fresco has unified the community, bringing together local people and visitors to the Manoir. This colorful painting has enlivened the perviously grey building.

The theme of the fresco is a fabile for children, highlighting the fragility and the beauty of the environment. The first fresco depicts the creatures of the night from the local area and the impact that man made contamination can have. The second represents the day and how man can live in harmony with nature. The third will represent Mexican gods, evoking similarity with the local celtic traditions .

The first painting was finished but the local mayor opposed the authorization, because the application arrived a little late, and he is proposing to paint over the artwork in white.

This petition is to persuade the mayor to revoke his decision and allow the fresco to remain.

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