Keep E Skyline and Seven Bridges Road open!

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Seven Bridges Road in Duluth, MN opens every summer and closes every winter. During this pandemic, Seven Bridges Road was closed until recently. The opening was delayed so that it could be used as an outdoor space for walking, riding bikes, etc. However, there is already a petition to close it again. Seven Bridges Road is a public road that many people enjoy driving on. In addition, the people who live above Seven Bridges Road rely on it to get to and from work, school, and businesses in Lakeside/Lester Park. The ability to use Seven Bridges Road reduces a 15 minute drive to 5 minutes. Along with that, some people can't walk the whole road due to health conditions and it would be inconvenient for them to not be able to drive up and park somewhere on the road. There are miles and miles of trails for civilians to walk on. The road does not need to be closed just because some people liked walking on it without worrying about cars. Let it be pointed out again that it is a public road. Some cars do drive too fast, but there are plenty of problem-solving methods for that besides just closing the whole road. For example, speed bumps. It's something to think about. So if you agree that Seven Bridges Road should remain open for vehicles, please add your signature and share the petition!