Fire Officer Officer T. Phuvapaisalkij of the DPD

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Police brutality is ravaging our country. We need to take care of it at a local level, which means holding every officer in our city accountable.

Officer T. Phuvapaisalkij was in charge of a racially motivated and violent arrest of 19 year old Konakai Bentie.

Konakai was skateboarding with his friend on Denver's 16th street mall when they were stopped by the DPD. The officer asked them to get off their skateboard, and they did. The boys expressed their frustration of the clear racial profiling that was occurring. The mall can be seen with tens of white bicyclists riding at any time, violating the same no skateboard or bike rule that the boys were being ticketed for, yet the officer clearly only had a problem with them. 

Officer T. Phuvapaisalkij then violently threw Konakai's skateboard out of his hand, and began handcuffing him for "having an attitude." Konakai cried in physical pain, as the officers agitated his already fractured wrist. Not only did the officer arrest Konakai in an unnecessarily violent manner, but he refused to tell Konakai and the many onlookers why he was making an arrest.

Officer T. Phuvapaisalkij needs to be fired for his misconduct and his racial discrimination. We cannot have an officer like this in the DPD. If he willingly does this to a young, unarmed man, imagine the damage he will do in an unavoidable higher pressure situation.