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Please make cleaning up the toxins in the Anacostia River a top priority

The Anacostia River and its surrounding community have the potential to be an extraordinary ecological, recreational, social, cultural, and economic driver for the DC region. However, the nation’s capital cannot reach its potential as long as dangerous chemicals in the riverbed and at certain places along the banks remain unaddressed. I urge you to make a commitment to fully cleaning up the toxic chemicals found in and around the Anacostia. 


Specifically, I ask that you pledge to have the toxic cleanup underway by January 2017 – three years from now. Experts say this is aggressive but doable. River toxins have been associated with an increased risk of developmental and behavioral problems as well as cancer. The longer we wait, the longer we jeopardize the health of our community.  Instead, let’s get on track to fully enjoy the benefits from this extraordinary natural resource.

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    The Mayor of DC and DC Councilmembers

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