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The Mayor of Dahab: Stop The Poisoning of Dogs, Cats and other animals in Dahab

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This is a petition to try and raise support to stop the frequent and brutal random poisoning of dogs, cats, and other animals in and around Dahab, Egypt. Tourists love the cute dogs and cats, but their lives are hard, and last on average only 6 months.

Many tourists (and locals) have witnessed the increasingly frequent and horrific sight of dead and dying animals on the streets of Dahab. I was in Dahab a week ago and saw many dead dogs. I noticed there were far fewer dogs and cats than a year ago, and heard of the horrific long death that the animals face when they are fed cheap poisons such as strychnine and organophosphates and convulse for many days. I adopted 4 dogs and was waiting for them to come to the UK. I heard last Friday that two had been poisoned and one died, a beautiful loving female called Sable, who survived poisoning and parvovirus, only to be deliberately poisoned outside a dog rescue 

Tourism is down in Egypt, and if tourists witness this horrific killing of animals, they will not return. Europeans hold dogs in very high esteem, and news and photos of poisoning spread like wildfire on the internet, and will ruin hotel, shop and restaurant owners who want us to holiday or live in Dahab. It is ironic as many people come there from Europe for a rest,do yoga, dive,and find peace, and this barbaric practice is driving people and their money away. STOP IT! If you need to euthanase animals use kind drugs like a barbiturate injection, and start neutering rather than butchering.For many visitors this will have destroyed the enjoyment of visiting Dahab and will have tarnished their feelings towards Egypt and its people. Many of these tourists will never return for this reason.

Poison is the most inhumane and indiscriminate way to deal with feral animals.

Poison also represents a real danger to the many children who live and play around the areas where it is placed.

Poison doesn’t just kill feral animals, it kills people's much loved pets, indiginous wild animals and birds as well.

We ask the Mayor of Dahab to help us end the poisoning and find a long term solution that addresses the concerns of the local people, the ex-pat community and tourists who loved Dahab, but are now thinking of leaving. No one wants to see these photos, and deliberately poisoning dogs in a dog rescue is beyond belief


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