Pedestrians vs Motor vehicles on First Avenue's Crosswalk by Nowell St

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I live only a few houses away from First Avenue right by the crosswalk just after Nowell Street if you're heading towards Hope.  I heard somewhat lengthy screeching on the cement of the street today followed by a smash and crash.  I went out to make sure everything was okay as I heard sirens.  Ambulance, Fire Truck and an okay amount of people including a reporter form The Chilliwack Progress who informed me that the scanner and officer had said there had been a lady hit by a car and the car drove off.  A hit and run!  She will be okay thankfully, but this isn't the first time something like this has happened. Now, this happens a fair amount on this crosswalk. Another almost example: My ex-husband was crossing one day to bring my son to me and was forced to throw his backpack on the Taxi's windshield before he came to a startling halt, nearly hitting not only my ex but nearly my 13-year-old son as well.  And it's many more!  It's hardly the first time and most certainly won't be the last. 

What I am wishing to accomplish here is a pedestrian controlled, bright, well lit up crosswalk that no one can miss as this is a very active and speedy area that has a lot of pedestrians crossing.  People on side one says cars must be more careful, side two says pedestrians must be more careful.  I feel something no one can miss, making people wait for the lights to turn, and allowing the cars to pay attention to a well-signaled area.  Also to note, this area at night during poor weather makes this even more difficult for pedestrians to be seen which would make these lights that much more helpful in saving everyone from potential tragedy.  

Once I have the numbers needed I will be sending this to Ken Popove for what comes next.

Please sign this petition to put in a crosswalk that will undoubtedly save many lives. 

Thank you for reading, and if you sign and or share, I sincerely thank you for all your help and please stay safe!