Change from no standing to drop off zone - Victoria Street, Spring Hill

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On Victoria Street, Spring Hill - At the entrance to St Josephs Gregory Terrace - there is a no standing zone. 

This means that you can't park, sit, wait, drop off kids, pick up kids, pull over or use this space in any way.  You can't use this area AT ALL.  If you do and you are caught it is a $160 fine.  There is no benefit to having a "no standing" zone in this street and it needs to be changed.

Changing to a drop off zone will mean that:

*  our boys have a safe drop off and pick up zone

*  will be a better use of this currently useless space

*  better traffic flow in the street

*  will formalise the informal use of the area - without copping hefty fines

I have already put a case forward to Brisbane City Council and they have said NO.  Makes no sense right?  Please join me to sign this petition and have this changed for the benefit of all.

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