Girraween Public School_Parking Issue

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Date: May 2, 2018


The Mayor

Cumberland Council

16 Memorial Ave, Merrylands NSW 2160


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this petition on behalf of the parents and guardians of Girraween Public School, 9 Bando Road, Girraween NSW 2145.

Girraween Public School is a well-known and reputed school in this area and the school is currently at more than 100% of its capacity. As more and more students are enrolled every year, there is raising concern on parking chaos during school hours particularly on Bando Road and the adjoining streets namely Targo Road, Carinya Road and Tungarra Road. This parking chaos is a great concern for the safety of students during school hours. Noticeably other schools in this area, e.g. St Anthony's Primary School has a better parking situation due to designated pick up and drop off area. Other councils too as we are aware have drop off and pick up zones around school area as a "staying safe" initiative.

Taking a cue from the above, I in this petition therefore request the council authorities to introduce the following:

1. Create a pick up and drop off area only limited to maximum 2 minutes along the school side of Bando Road to allow parents and guardians to safely drop off and pick up children during peak hours at the start and end of the school hours.

2. The other side of Bando Road (opposite to school) to allow parking limited to 5 minutes during school zone time. This is also applicable to the residents of this area only during school zone time.

3. Employ volunteer adult supervisors to guide the students to the school gates /entrances. This will allow the driver to remain seated on the car while the adult supervisor assist the students to the school entrance.

4. Frequent patrolling by Council and Police to ensure that the parking guidelines as above are adhered to by the drivers during school zone time.

5. White line car parking space markings on both sides of Bando Road to promote responsible parking.

By introducing the above safe initiatives, we hope to see the following benefits /advantages:

1. Clearly defined pick up and drop off parking zone along Bando Road.

2. Reduced traffic congestion around Bando Road due to limited time parking and ensured cars are not parked illegally out of designated car park space.

3. Safety of students and their parents during peak school hours.

4. Adult supervision for students which would reduce extra congestion near school entrances. 

We the signatories therefore trust and believe that the council will treat this petition with utmost importance and discuss/consider the above measures thereby helping the Girraween community and the school to provide a safe environment for the students.

Yours sincerely.

Petitioner's Name: Mahua Nath

Email Address: