KSD Municipality must Decrease the Electricity Tariffs

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KSD Concerned Residents


To : KSD Mayor-Cllr Nelani
From: KSD Concerned Residents
Date: 17 July

Re. Electricity Tariffs

Background: As concerned KSD residents we had since noticed from the year 2018 the increase of about 50% rate of electricity tariffs. The pain we suffer from an expensive electricity had demanded us to petition you with the intentions to hear our cries as we demand below. Kindly receive this petition as a communique from the people of KSD municipality. We therefore exercise our constitutional rights to petition you as law abiding KSD municipality residents.

We Demand:

1. To buy electricity directly to Eskom: We are subjected to buy electricity from an agent called Mthiza which we don’t know who he/she is. Who benefits from this agent ?

2. That Tariffs be reduced by 50%, because the municipality had increased tariffs in 2018 by 50%+ without any consultations from users and we demand the to know the rationale behind this unreasonable increase.

3. Proper Communication for every electric outages that will disturb the lives of the people as electricity is an essential commodity.

4. A quick response on these matters above as this is one of the critical issues affecting people even more during this time of the Pandemic Covid-19. Where people are losing their jobs and source of income due to National lockdown.

5. If we did not get the response within 7 working days we will further going to take a legal route and to embark on industrial actions. Because this is of paramount importance to the residence of KSD municipality.

Contacts No: +27 (79) 239-4930

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