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Car2Go is a car sharing company. It allows you to rent a car for a couple of hours or days too. It was very useful and handy to majority of Toronto’s population. It helped others who dont have a vehcile get from point A to point B without the transit. 

Torontos Ccity mayor; John Tory has terminated all car2go operations as of May 26, 2018. This was due to the amendedments it passed which is making Car2Go impossible to operate in the city of Toronto. Basically the city stopped them because of car2go not making parking spots, torontoians were allowed to park the car anywhere in downtown on a side street where parking is permitted. Every other city and country in the world allows this except for Toronto. Please lets show toronto that they are wrong and we need this service back. 

Please kindly sign the petion and car2go should return if it receives a good amount of signatures. Thank you so much for your support.