Don't put Rich Mix at risk of closure

I love this venue. Not only they show amazing films, mainstream and independent, they are also hosting fantastic events that raise awareness about other cultures through music, documentaries, workshops, debates... Rich Mix is such an important space, promoting diversity of cultures. We live in times when all of the nationalities need to stand united and Rich Mix has been helping to build that unity and awareness. Tower Hamlets should be supporting Rich Mix, working together to find ways to keep the progress. When our son was a year old we took him to an African dance storytelling workshop. My friends from Caracas, Venezuela, just played at the Movimientos event regularly hosted by Rich Mix for years now. I was devastated today to hear the news, as I was buying tickets for a Saturday morning family film. We really don't want to loose this place.

Karine Gazarian, London, ENG, United Kingdom
5 years ago
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