Petition update

UPDATE: BoH once again ignores the mayor and council!

Barbara Siegel
Bloomfield, NJ

Dec 22, 2012 — Update: The Board of Health has spurred further controversy and potentially overstepped their boundaries by again ignoring a decision by the Mayor and Council. Discussion of transferring shelter management was supposed to be postponed until next year when the new town administrator could be involved. Instead, the Board of Health passed a resolution to transfer shelter management to the Neighbor to Neighbor Network (NTNN), without any RFP process. The NTNN has already been involved in seemingly unbalanced agreements with the Board of Health in the past, which some have seen as a breach of fiduciary duties, self-dealing and a conflict of interest. With concerns over mismanagement and lack of transparency at the shelter, transferring shelter management to a non-profit with unsettling ties to the Board of Health may result in even less transparency in the future, as the Open Records Act does not apply to non-profit organizations.


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