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We all know the frustrations that are experienced when signing many petitions/pledges.

We all know about the seemingly endless clicking when trying to sign all of our invitations to act, from friends.

We all notice the needing to click onto's home page in order to return to our invitations of action.

Also, we understand this sort of diversion can easily be subtracted from the system.

We only want to be able to return to our invitation of actions without wasting our time and energies, just so can get another click onto it's website.

Some have commented to me about meaningless petitions being past around and how that signing them weakens's influence. So does really care about the issues or does only care about how many clicks it gets on it's homepage? In addition, if such meaningless petitions hurt the influential part of, then should not those in the higher offices get this matter resolved quickly? How is it there is even a question of whether or not has a deflating issue of influence?  



Update from Justin - Community Manager:


Hey Folks,

Fantastic feedback. I'll get our UI guru to take a look at the process for invitations and post-signing workflow as soon as possible. It's an incredibly good point and something very much worth investigating.

As for the "send to editor" link - would you, as community members, be willing to act as these editors? With the community at the lead of editing each other's petitions, we can cover more petitions, more of the time. Increasing the quality of petitions is something we would love to do, and we'd love your help doing it.

If you would like to talk with me about the best way to implement this, or to be a part of the process, please don't hesitate to reply to this message, or send me an email at

Thanks for the feedback, we're always open ways to improve the site!!

All the best,

Justin -


Letter to
Founder and CEO of Ben Rattray
Mr. Rattray and Mr. Grippe,

We are the driving force of and we have come up with these complaints about the process of signing petitions/pledges.

When we are accepting invitations sent by friends, we accept the invite, we sign the petition/pledge, then we send invitations to our friends, then in order to return to accepting other invitations we must go to's homepage, then click onto invitations, then click onto actions, then to accept the next in line invitation sent by friends, then sign, then repeat all over again.

All of that just to sign one petition/pledge a friend has sent. Writing and reading the process of steps we go through daily starts to sound like a run-on sentence and full of meaningless steps.

There are some within, that are disabled or have chronic pain. So many steps, just to sign a petition, causes pain and suffering for many. With subtracting the meaningless clicks, those that are suffering could be relieved and increase their impact even more.

Another point, when we are in the list of invitations from friends and we just accepted and signed a particular petition, most times when we return to the invitations list, the petition we just accepted and signed still remains, until deleted with another click. Just another meaningless step that needs to be subtracted from the system.

We are confident you will see to it that the process is shortened by , no less than, 3 steps.

Also, we have concerns of our influence on the recipients of petitions due to the writing skills of some. We feel there should be an area to go on that will help those interested in writing petitions. So many great ideas/petitions/pledges are overlooked by so many on account of the writing skills are not up to par. You can change this fact with a simple step, a submit to an editor section of This is where all petitions are edited and revised before they can be sent out, within Important detail not to change the petitions content, but only to edit grammar and typing mistakes. Please do this.

Your wonderful vision would be the better if you only act in kind to these constructive criticisms.

Thank you for your attention to these matters.

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