Petition to brie larson to stay as captain/petição para brie larson ficar com capitã marve

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hello, if you are marvel fan you must be aware of the movie captain marvel with brie larson, you can see that there is a controversy with the actress, all of this because of her feminism position, and her efforts to bring more diversity to the movie industry, and i dont see anything wrong with it, but the trolls, haters and anti-SJW of youtube see this as a offense and made more than a hundred videos about it, they even did fake reviews of her movie on internet to make the movie look bad and it dont stop there they started to make conspiracy theories that disney had bought the tickets of the movie to make it looked like a success, this theory started with a guy who maked a video of a empty theater, i was not in that theater but think about how easy would be to fake a picture of that, just enter before everyone else snap a pic or video and done, and they also clame that they contacted a theater manager who decided to stay anonymous and also his theater, one theater manager out of more than 4000 theaters decided to speak, really i am surprise that there are people that believe in this, clark gregson said that those trolls and toxic fans cant bere the ideia of woman having the same hero position of male superhero, the trolls got pretty mad and used wonder woman and alien as a shield, saying ''what were the problems with those movies?'' they abviously forgot that whem wonder woman was announced there were a lot of people saying that it would not be good and it would flop because of feminism, and alien well it was 40 years ago and the studio was afraid of release the movie because it had a woman as the main focus of horror movie.
but the trolls did not stop there, they made sexist comments of brie larson body and appearance and said that she was too ugly to be a superhero, and said that they were not bullies where they did the exact same thing that bullies do,they also picked interviews with her and her and the cast of marvel, shes was being sarcastic and bantering with her co workers and the internet trolls came and said that the rest of the cast hated her, they even made a body reading video about it, this woman expert said that brie was tryng to dominat the rest her co workers and at same time had bedroom eyes for chris hesworth, the trolls did more videos about this, but them don cheadle himself said that brie was that way because she was tryng to keep her ponytail behind her because her hair stylist kept flying in and fixing it, her interview with scarlett johansson they look like having much fun, and that korea event Robert downey jr hugs and kiss her on the forehead, would you like to know why they do all of those things because is easy money, they dont care about the truth, they only want views and money, theres even a petition to make brie step down as captain marvel and it has more them 10.000 names on it, it says that they want her to be recast for a black and gay actress but they just say that to make them look good, and there are trolls on the internet sending death threats to the actress, to the people that liked the movie, even to fanart artist. i did homework okey i was seeing the whole situation from the beginning, if you liked the movie, the actres and hate the things that the trolls did to brie larson and her movie please sign this, i dont think that the petition for her to leave is gonna work by the way, she has a 7 movie deal with marvel, i just made this because i want to see how manny people want her to stay.