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Immediate Call To Action For Maplewood Residents After Child Is Struck By Car In Crosswalk

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Yesterday, I was the first person to aid a mother slumped over her child after he had been struck by a mini van as he, his mother and two siblings were in a crosswalk. He was face down and unconscious when I arrived. His mother turned him over and he was bleeding from the mouth and nose and his legs were scraped and bloody. He came to and started crying, shaking and asking "Is this real? What's happening? Is this real?".

The driver and passenger of the car did not apologize or aid in any effort to help mother or child. My neighbors and I flew into action and shortly the police and ambulance arrived. The child was taken away in a stretcher to a local hospital. The child is ok, but this should be a wake up call for ALL Maplewood residents.

 After breaking down the second I got home, I wrote this letter to the township and police chief.

This is a call to action for all Maplewood residents. I am asking you to sign this petition to let the township and police chief know that what they have done is not enough. We are tired of excuses and we want to see more police presence during the times children walk to and from school, stricter penalties for drivers who are caught ignoring pedestrians in crosswalks and immediate action on Prospect (between Springfield and Concord) where this child lives and was struck. More crosswalks or failed "raised intersections" will not suffice. We want stopping measures including speed humps and/or stop signs.


 I write to you this morning after being the first person at the scene of a mother cradling her son face down in the street after being hit by a car in a crosswalk on their way to school.

 I am shaken, and crying, but not surprised.

 Some of you know me already, because I have been the person getting petitions signed, bothering you about speeding and accidents on this street and probably one of the biggest pests you have had (besides my neighbor Ellie) when it has come to safety on Prospect Street (between Concord and Springfield).

 I hold you all personally responsible for what has happened today!

 I have emails dating back to 2008, asking for the township to do something about the speeding between Concord and Springfield. This a neighborhood FULL of children and the cars have no regard for crosswalks or people.

 We have asked for SPEED HUMPS and thank you town engineer for putting in a "raised intersection" up instead that feels like you are driving over a piece of paper . I challenge anyone to see if it slows you down (intersection of Hilton and Prospect). Plus the lighted crosswalk, thank you for that one too, one sign has been put up behind a no one can see it.

 There have been accidents on a monthly basis, cars have flipped into neighbors yards, an accident happened last week taking out a sign that is next to the side walk and we were scared then. But today....everyone's worse fear happened. I don't want to EVER hear a mother scream like that cradling her bleeding son who is crying up at her and asking "Is this real? What happened? Is this real?"

 You should all be ashamed of yourselves. We have been asking for years and been told that nothing is wrong. It has been frustrating to deal with at township committee meetings and in person.

 DeLuca, you live around the corner!!! You have a lot of angry neighbors right now who demand you take action!!!

 We all have kids and are citizens of this town. I have seen speed bumps on other streets, gates, and better ways of dealing with traffic overflow and speeding then what you have provided in the Hilton section of town.

 I have added to this neighbors, and will be contacting local news sources because you are not going to ignore us any longer.

 In past emails I have said that I guess that this town is only going to do something when a child gets hits by a car, well today is the day, unfortunately....your move.

An angered, frustrated, and shaken to the core father,

 Eddie Bennett."

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