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Aldi & Tesco in Cardigan - Give us paper bags for our Fruit, Veg and Bread, not plastic!

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Please sign this petition if you would like to lend support to Teifiside Plastic-Free Community's bid to reduce plastic waste in the Teifi Valley and on our beautiful beaches.  Thanks to Amanda Keetley for permission to use her infographic from the website.

"Dear Managers of Aldi and Tesco stores in Cardigan/Aberteifi.

You may be aware of the recent surge in public support for a reduction in plastic packaging, particularly that of single-use material.  This has led to a number of communities across Ceredigion setting up campaigning groups to reduce Plastic Waste.  One of the local groups in Aberporth has had extremely widespread media coverage, in both local, national and even international areas (newspaper articles in the Times, Independent, Guardian and Daily Mail, TV coverage on S4C, ITV, Sky TV and BBC Wales, as well as featuring on the internet on Wales Online. Also, there were radio interviews on Radio 5 Live, Radio Scotland, Heart Radio, BBC Radio Wales, Radio Cymru, Radio York and international interest from a German news channel and Radio Europe).  I think you can see how much this matters to us, your customers, and how the media get behind such initiatives.

Some of the local groups have carried out litter picks on our beautiful local beaches, including one of your most local beaches, at Poppit, collecting large quantities of plastic waste.  A large proportion of this waste would have been carried along the River Teifi from upstream communities where we, the undersigned, live, work, visit, and, importantly, shop for groceries.

Many of Ceredigion's household groceries are purchased by us in your Cardigan branches, and together with the thousands who visit our beautiful area every summer, we are restricted in our choice of fruit, vegetables and baked goods if we do not want to buy these items wrapped in plastic.  A lot of the unnecessary single-use plastic you insist on using to wrap and package items in ends up in recycling bags, but unfortunately, a lot of it also ends up blowing around the countryside, into rivers and then into the sea.

Please can you therefore make the following simple changes to allow Cardigan's largest food retailers to make an enormous difference to the amount of plastic waste generated within the Teifi Valley.

  1.   Offer us loose fruit, veg and baked goods, not wrapped in film, collected in plastic trays and wrapped in film, in nets, or plastic bags.  (Tesco - well done for at least offering loose produce, but please read on.......)
  2. Promote the use of reusable customer-supplied produce bags (cotton/net/paper) as used widely in continental Europe - and start selling these too to encourage their use further.  We are used to bringing our own bags since the 5p charges were introduced, we can get used to bringing along a few extras for this also.
  3. Give us paper bags to collect our produce in and take it to the till for weighing if we haven't got reusable alternatives.  We don't want, or need, plastic bags!  Paper bags and wrappings were good enough for our parents and grandparents, so they are good enough for us too...
  4. Tesco - when we state 'no plastic bags' on our online home delivery orders, we want NO PLASTIC BAGS!  Not items randomly and largely unnecessarily packaged in single-use carrier and produce bags.

Hopefully, together, with your help we can all make the Teifi Valley, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and beyond, an environment with less plastic pollution and waste.

Thank you,

Your customers, the people of the Teifi Valley"









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