Change the prefect council selections system of Jodhamal Public School to electoral system

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We have seen from years to years, students have started losing faith in the prefect council of our school and we know who is more efficient to lead us and who is not. The student council is body of the students, for the students, by the students but the students have no say in the selection of the council. Not coming to any conclusions made by the esteemed management of the school but it is completely on the management of the school to chose the council , which makes it the management council not the student council.

Its time we bring a change and have a say of students in the selection of the student council. 

We propose elections to be held in the school. This election will be for the senior neutral prefects in the school. After the neutral prefects are chosen, its up to the management, after talks with the neutral prefects headed by the chosen head boy, head girl, deputy head boy and the deputy head girl, to chose the house prefects and the vice prefects from the 11th class. This would ensure that the student council is fair, by the students and for the students.  

We urge support from the students to hold student voting of classes 9th - 12th for the student council. 

'This is the legacy we will leave in the school'