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The Management Group Associates: Stop the application of pesticides on our lawns!

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Change starts from one person and one neighborhood. The management company of my condominium residence has consistently used pesticides in grass and weed application for years, effectively releasing toxins that are accumulating in our bodies and the environment.

I hope that in this day and age companies are aware of the dangers pesticides pose to humans and the environment. Pesticides are known to contain carcinogens that have been directly linked to cancer and they disrupt the function of thyroid gland, not to mention the blunt fact that they are toxic.

Pesticides are known to drift and settle during application where they can easily reach houses and people, where we will have to inhale its residue, or where kids will absorb it though their skin while playing in the grass. The sheer amount of chemicals in pesticides (some of which even include Agent Orange) are incredibly dangerous to everyone who is currently living in our community. Lawns are spaces where all residents should feel safe to play with their kids and pets or just to relax and enjoy nature. Grass treated with pesticides excludes this activity due to the dangers imposed to our health.

Pesticides surround the homes and are easily tracked inside, readily inhaled and absorbed through the skin. They attack the central nervous system and other essential organs. Many symptoms of pesticide poisoning can be attributed to simple ailments like flu or the allergies, which is why so many go undiagnosed.

Considering the warm season and how many windows were open on the day of the pesticide application, many if not all residents are currently living and breathing in the chemicals used in the application.

To stop this and keep our lawns the natural, chemical-free spaces that they are supposed to be, where we are safe to play catch or have a picnic, please sign this petition.

No one should suffer short and long-term health maladies and expose their children to harmful toxins because of the grass in our front lawn.

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