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Stop/Cancel Honey Singh's performance for New year's Eve at your hotel.

We, the undersigned, strongly object to your hosting Honey Singh to perform at the Bristol Hotel on New Year’s eve.

Recent events in Delhi and elsewhere have brought to the fore the widespread, pervasive, daily violence faced by women in this country. Given this, it seems highly inappropriate to encourage a singer whose songs have lyrics like those below:
Aja teri choot maroon
Tere sir se chudney ka bhoot utaroon
Choodney key baad tujhe jutey maroon
Tere mooh main apna lora dey key mooth maroon (yeah)

Kar doon teri fuddi kharab
Merey jesa koi nahin meree bhudi kharab
Terey baad tere post
Bas yahi kaam kaaj mera
Kar doon ga khush tujhe
Luraa ley key naach mera

At a time when commercial establishments across the city are cancelling New Year's celebrations, it is astonishing that the Bristol is going ahead with an artist like Honey Singh. Regardless of what particular songs he might sing tomorrow night, his music is extremely sexist and derogatory to women. The lyrics of his songs reflect a deep misogynist and violent mindset and are contrary to the spirit of freedom and dignity of all individuals.

We feel that your New Year's event serves only to promote an artist whose songs promote a culture that celebrates violence towards women. And by continuing with this event, you are validating a mindset and attitudes which violate the basic dignity and respect of individuals in a democratic society. We therefore request you to cancel the event at which Honey Singh is scheduled to perform.

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  • The Management, Bristol Hotel, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon

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