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On November 16, 2012, the Maine Public Broadcasting Network (MPBN) announced that they were cancelling the Down Memory Lane with Toby Leboutillier radio program after more than thirty years on MPBN. This beloved Maine institution is to be replaced by re-broadcasts of the nationally syndicated programs The Diane Rehm Show and The World. After significant public outcry, MPBN partially reversed this decision, bringing Down Memory Lane back as an online-only broadcast.

We want MPBN to bring Down Memory Lane back to the airwaves.

We strongly feel that the decision to cancel Down Memory Lane is not in keeping with the Mission of The Maine Public Broadcasting Network. The audience has spoken: fans of Down Memory Lane have clearly stated their displeasure with MPBN’s purge of locally-produced music and Maine-centric shows in favor of nationally syndicated talk shows. And they definitively stated that they want Down Memory Lane returned to terrestrial airwaves on Fridays at 2:00 PM, where it belongs.

Please sign this petition and help us return Down Memory Lane with Toby Leboutillier, a locally-produced Maine-centric music program, to the airwaves on The Maine Public Broadcasting Network.

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The Maine Public Broadcasting Network
Bring Down Memory Lane back to the airwaves