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Change back to the 10-point grading scale for high school students in 2014

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With the new 7-point grading scale given to Louisiana public high school students at the start of the 2013-14 school year, it could mean failing instead of passing with the 10-point grading scale. A 63% F on the 7-point scale would be a 63% D on the 10-point grading scale; a D being the lowest grade to pass a course.

I am starting this petition because Louisiana public high school students are overly stressing about midterms and finals and how negatively the 7-point scale can affect their grade.

I student striving for all A's for college would have to make between the 93%-100% just for an A instead of 90%-100%. It may not seem much, but 3 percentage added on to the grading scale affects students in a better, positive way.

The 7-point grading scale makes it harder to earn a higher grade, but easier to make the grade stoop lower. 

The 10-point grading scales prepares students for the grading scale in college and gives students more leverage and hope in boosting a grade. Being at the verge of an A with a 89% B would give the student encouragement to earn the 90% A by studying and working hard.

By going back to the 10-point grading scale by the start of the 2014-15 school year or sooner, it would relieve stress on Louisiana high school students and betterly prepare each student for their future. The changing of the 7-point grading scale to the 10-point grading scale is the difference between failing and passing. This change will also affect Louisiana high schools overall GPA positively and also Louisianan education as a whole.


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