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Stop murdering our Brisbane pets and start working with rescue groups

I’ve sourced the impound stats from Brisbane City Council under Freedom of Information (Right to Information). I will be following this post up with more months and comparisons, but I just wanted to get some of this info ‘out there’ as it is simply too important not to share asap.
The Lost Dogs Home took over running the Brisbane City Council’s two pounds (Warra on the northside and Willawong on the southside) from October 1st 2011. They did so after huge protests from the local community, but they assured everyone that not only would the city be saving money, but that the kill rate would come down under LDH management.

In fact, the organisation went as far as to suggest they would be meeting;

… a target of finding homes for 100 per cent of healthy cats and dogs that come through the Brisbane shelters within three years.


So, as I often like to ask – how’s it working out for pets?

Let’s take a look from January this year (2013), up to June, which has been the FOI that I’ve been able to fill.
In January the organisation took in two cats. It killed both.

116 dogs were reclaimed. Of the unclaimed dogs, one was adopted. While 16 were killed.
In February the organsation killed eight cats, adopting zero. It also took in four kittens and killed all four.

159 dogs were reclaimed by owners. Four were adopted, while 25 were killed.
In March four cats were killed. None were adopted.

161 lost dogs went home. One dog was adopted. While 35 were killed.
April saw the organsation take in 28 cats. Two were reclaimed, while 26 were killed.

172 dogs were reclaimed. 31 were killed, while two were adopted.
In May two cats were reclaimed. 17 were killed. Zero were adopted.

While 159 dogs went home. 14 were killed and four were adopted.
And in June 2013, two cats were killed and zero adopted.

199 dogs were reclaimed. 20 dogs were killed and one was adopted.

Source: Saving Pets -

The Lost Dogs Home has been approached by numerous rescue groups who are desperate to help the animals who end up at the Lost Dogs Home facilities in Brisbane. The Lost Dogs Home refuses to work with rescue groups and continues to kill healthy pets.

Please sign this petition to let the Lost Dogs Home know the public will no longer put up with this unnecessary killing.


Letter to
Brisbane City Council Cr David McLachlan
Brisbane City Council Cr Amanda Cooper
Brisbane City Council Cr Krista Adams
The residents of Brisbane are very concerned about the current kill rate in Brisbane pounds run by the Lost Dogs Home (LDH). There are numerous animal rescue groups who desperately want to assist the animals who find themselves at the LDH facilities, however, the LDH does not work with rescue groups.

Prior to the LDH taking over the Brisbane Pounds, the staff there worked with rescue and tried to save the lives of as many animals as possible and I believe the euthanasia rate was very low during that time.

As an animal lover and an animal rescuer, I urge you to please address the LDH's policies and procedures as a matter of urgency. All animals deserve a right to life and with reputable animal rescue groups willing to step up to take these animals into care and rehome them, there is really no reason for the LDH to not cooperate with animal rescue groups.


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