Lorenzo (USC Off-Campus Student Housing) Rent Waived/Reduced due to COVID-19

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The COVID-19 virus has affected most, if not all of the students residing at the Lorenzo (Off campus student housing near USC and other colleges). Most students have already vacated their apartments for the remainder of the school year. Many exchange students who reside in the Lorenzo for one semester have been forced to travel back to their home countries. International students, which account for a big majority at Lorenzo, have also flew back to their original countries. Most domestic students have also left the complex to travel back home to their families and for their own safety. None of this is the student's fault, but they are suffering the most.

Lorenzo is known for having various kinds of amenities for their residents. They are also known to host different events weekly, physical classes, and free food on Tuesday and Thursday. Students are willing to pay the hefty price to take advantage of these amenities instead of residing somewhere else off-campus. As a result of COVID-19, Lorenzo has CANCELLED all events, STOPPED giving free food, and CLOSED all amenities until announced further. Their management office has also closed. 

Although most of the residents have already left the complex due to fear of their own safety, having all amenities closed, and having cancelled all events, Lorenzo still charges all residents with the same price tag. Students are in a tight budget. Many have lost their source of income and are forced to head back home. These students have to figure out a way to pay their rent. Please help us reach out to the Lorenzo Management to support their student residents, who suffer the most financially in this crisis.

The Lorenzo can be contacted at: