Justice for Coco

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On Friday the 13th of April, whilst out on their usual walk in the village, poor Coco and his owner were viciously attacked by an out of control large ‘Staffy-type’ dog. Unfortunately Coco had to be put to sleep due to his injuries, leaving the family heartbroken and the village in complete shock. Now, the police and the dog warden are failing us all by not putting the correct measures in place to ensure the safety of everyone and their animals. They say that the dog is not ‘out of control’ if it is in its own garden and that all they can do is ensure the dog is muzzled when out. This is not good enough! It is against the law to allow your dog to be out of control in a public/private place and a dog is considered dangerous if it injures someone and could be considered by some courts to be dangerous if it injures someone’s animal, all of which apply here. The police say it is in the hands of the court now but the dog needs to be seized from the owners until a court decides to order the dog to be put to sleep, before it harms another animal or person! This is not only a petition to get this dangerous dog off our streets and for it to be humanely destroyed but for action to be taken against the owners, who have failed this dog miserably and are failing to take any responsibility by not opening their door to authorities. Please everyone, voice your concerns and let’s take this higher! We can’t be afraid to walk our dogs in the village. Sign and share this petition!