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Clubs: The Young Generation

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In this day and age, there isn't much to do. During summer, you can go swimming and to the beach, during winter, there is basically nothing fun to do. Most people won't swim because it's cold and freezing, like swimming in ice. What about other places like skate parks? or Water parks? It will be cold and raining! There is nothing to do! That is why our local government should build places in your area that are fun! Like an all ages club! In an old TV show called Full House, Season 7, Episode 6 called, 'The Smash Club: The Next Generation', The kids have nothing to do. They have been everywhere and done everything. Later that day, their Uncle inherits a club from the former owner that passed away. He then has the idea to turn it into an all ages Dance Club! It is a massive success and big hit with people underage!

If we have got something like that or different that we can do it will be great fun and can help people in different ways.

If people have had a great deal of stress and need somewhere to go to have fun and forget about them being stressed, they can be stress-free for a while. It is also a great place to socialize. You can meet new people and have tons of fun. It will help people socialize if they struggle with socializing.

This will be located in a place that is isolated to stop noise from annoying people but close to a place where they can walk into town. It will also be alcohol-free, smoke-free and drug-free! There can be a bouncer outside to stop people from coming in with people

"Sounds pretty good!" - An anonymous supporter.

"It's great to relax, especially after a whole day of stress at school. This will give kids that opportunity." - Karrak Gregory.

"I believe that a hangout place for teens would keep them busy and keep off the streets. - Jessica Armstrong

"If a pool table is there, then Yeah, I will go!" - Bronte Anderson

“Cool” – Grace Bonacci

“Yayyyyy!” – Jacob Van Noort

“Fabulous ;)” - Sienna Strawberry

“What about the security?” – Megan Lush

“That’s Cool, I like that” – Lexie Edwards

“That sounds awesome, it sounds like a place to get away from reality and it’s a kids dream” – Norah Harkin

“I’m in, my dood” – Anonymous

“Good idea! I’m only there if there is a ball pit.” – An anonymous spider.


I think all these ideas are great! I do find Megan’s comment a bit concerning. It is a valid concern at that’s why there will be ‘Security’ at the Clubs that the local government can decide (Security Cams, Bouncers and etc.)

Here are the facts:

·      There are 255+ Nightclubs/Dance Clubs in Australia and 0% of them are available for underage children.

·      There is an organization called that shows people underage events and etc. Yet they are all basically the same and they all happen annually. None of them you can go to whenever you want! They all cost a highly large entry fee.

·      Every kid wants to have something fun to do in their local area!


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