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Marjorie Prettyman
TWEED HEADS, Australia

Jan 22, 2017 — Thank you to all our supporters. The petition now has 6401 signatures. Many more are still need though.
The paper / hard copy petition desperately still needs signatures.
Unfortunately the hard copy can only be signed by Australians.

Once again Australia is in the mist of another Myxomatosis outbreak.
Over the past few months thousands of rabbits have been dying by hundreds and not just wild rabbits either.
WHY.....because the Australian government will not give us a vaccine for the Myxomatosis virus, which was originally spread by the government & now rears it's ugly head every so often. This time it's different in the way it's causing the death of rabbits.
There are meat breeders who are losing their livelihood because nearly all their rabbits have died from the myxomatosis virus.
Show rabbits are also dying, but most of all domestic pet rabbits are dying or in other words being KILLED by our agriculture minister
and the Australian government. Barnaby Joyce MP is also Australia's deputy prime minister.
The Myxomatosis virus is spread by mosquitoes, fleas or any other blood sucking insect, and 90% of our (pet) rabbits are susceptible to Myxomatosis.
You can take all the proper guidelines to protect your pet, but all it takes is one infected mosquito to bite your rabbit, and that means a death sentence.
There are families who have bunnies as pets just like hundreds of people have cats, dogs or horses or any other animal. These owners have the choice whether to vaccinate or not because there are vaccines for these animals. Rabbit owners do not have that choice because there is no Myxomatosis vaccine available in Australia.
The saddest and most heartbreaking part of all this is the children. There are children who find their bunnies are sick, this is heartbreaking enough for them, but sometimes a few days later these bunnies are either found dead or die in the arms of the children or their parents.
Most rabbits take from a few days to two weeks to die in absolute agony. They get skin tumours, affecting their eyes, and on their genitals, and sometimes the rabbit will go blind.
Therefore the most humane way is to take their pet to the vet to be euthanized or "put to sleep" either way it's what our government want.....DEAD RABBITS and they don't care how this happens.

Please sign this petition & share it on Facebook or Twitter or some other social outlet.
The photo below you might find distressing but this is what a rabbit looks like with the Myxomatosis virus.


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