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The "Living" Desert must keep the California State Bird alive.

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The "Living" Desert in Palm Desert, California should release the California Quail which was rescued and brought there instead of "terminating" the poor animal in the case that they are unable or incompetent to reintroduce the California State bird back into the wild. Keep the bird alive. Death is not the answer. If so change the name of your zoo because it's very misleading! DO NOT KILL THE STATE BIRD. It was doing fine raised by it's rescuer until the good samaritan realized it was the "State Bird" of California.

They said they would terminate or kill the bird if it cannot be reintroduced into the wild in less than 3 days. Once the rescuer realized what they planned to do, he asked for the bird back and they would not release it to him.  What they are saying is "cruel and unusual" and ironic since they have the name "Living" in their company name. They are not a wild life sanctuary, they are operating like a kill shelter if they are going to take the life of this beautiful bird raised with love and care.  

Three days is just not enough time nor is it a choice to terminate a beautiful life and the CALIFORNIA state bird nonetheless in this case.  This California Quail that was found and mistaken as a regular baby bird in the front of someone's house and taken care of.  It could have been cared for for many years to come but because it is "illegal" to have one, when he realized, he did the right thing and brought it to a zoo mistaking it for a wild life sanctuary ironically called "The Living Desert" in Palm Desert.

Instead they said they will have to terminate the bird if the bird if he cannot be reintroduced to the wild. All we are asking them to do is 1) after 3 days they should just let it go, and not try to kill him, 2) he trusts people, 3) it costs no money to let him go.

If they cannot do this their name is very misleading and now people will realize their name means nothing if they cannot release this beautiful bird or keep it alive.

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