Support Liberia Democracy Sustainability Platform (DSP)

Support Liberia Democracy Sustainability Platform (DSP)

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Better Future Foundation started this petition to The Liberian Legislature

Fellow Liberians at home and in the diaspora, on August 31, 2017, Better Future Foundation (BFF) in collaboration with Youth  Beyond Barriers (YBB) and partner organizations submitted a petition to the 53rd National Legislature indicating five sustainable pillars and actions that needed to have been urgently  implemented at least in the first four to five years of the government that would have emerged out of the 2017 Presidential Elections to enhance the living standards of the Liberian people. As a follow-up to that, we are reactivating our claims and calling this government to adhere to the five actions that were stated in that petition as reemphasized and we need you to sign this petition to add your voice to the many voices calling on this government for change.  

BFF-YBB and its partners believed that the adaptation of a people-centered platform by the next Liberian administration, which is responsive to the crucial development needs of the country and enhances the living standard of its people, cannot be overemphasized.

This is why BFF-YBB and network organizations and partners believe that there is a dire need to move our country towards a path of socio-economic, peace-building and development trajectory, for which this petition will be presented to our Honorable Lawmakers of the current National Legislature for appropriate action.

We request this Honorable Legislature to ensure:

1.      The passage of a legislation that seeks to ensure that the government, emerging out of the October 10 Presidential and Legislative elections in Liberia, for the first four years of its six-year tenure, make Liberians to have access to the highest degree of education and or/ PhD level education at the University of Liberia (UL) or subsidize same learning opportunity at other universities of higher learning in the country in the professional spheres of Education, Health, Agriculture and Infrastructural Development.


2.      That the limit of the City of Monrovia be extended through an act of the Legislature to encourage development of modern satellite cities, with better housing scheme, and other basic social services in its suburbs.


3.      That a national conversation be held to revise and/or update the current 1958 Zoning Laws which appears obsolete to reflect present-day development realities, and thereafter the zoning laws should be vigorously enforced without any fear or favor to create and foster better communities in which the rights of citizens and residents including the right to free movement of people, goods and services would be firmly observed and adhered to;


4.      That the government makes adequate budgetary allocations and/or appropriations for improved planning, mapping and deliberate construction of community access roads;


5.      That government prioritizes sooner than later the construction of alternative access roads to Monrovia, which should include:


a.       Construction of at least two (2) major bridges to link Gardnesville to Sinkor.


b.      Construction of express road along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, which should incorporate the prevention of coastal erosion and sea encroachment on Monrovia, Liberia’s Capital City which at the moment remains over populated and grossly lacks infrastructure;


c.       Construction of city belt express road from Fendell on the right, linking Brewerville-Grand Cape Mount highway connecting to the Atlantic express;


d.      Construction of city belt express road from Fendell on the left, linking Roberts International Airport (RIA) Road through Dwazon/Marshall city connecting to the Atlantic express.

Fellow Liberians, we want to use this historic occasion to call on all patriotic Liberians at home and in the Diaspora to join this advocacy which we call Liberia Democracy Sustainability Platform (DSP) by engaging this government not to only adapt the DSP platform to accelerate sustainable peace and development but to as well use this it as a tool to caution our national leadership to address these key human security needs of the Liberian people.

The DSP initiative primarily seeks to inspire national consensus building to accelerate and improve human security relations, human rights and respect for the rule of law, infrastructural development for sustainable peace and democratic governance in Liberia and the sub region.

Finally, it is our hope that development partners of Liberia, including the United States, Africa Union, ECOWAS, European Union, among others will create a room to accommodate and empathize with our request as contained in this research  petition statement; during their bilateral and multilateral engagements with the Government of Liberia.

Thank you; may God bless and perpetually sustain our country, Liberia.

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