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The Liberal Party of Australia: The people of Australia want to help our government build a fibre NBN

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The people of Australia want to help our government!

Just a few points about Australia before I make my case…

  • With a gross domestic product of ~US $1,541 Billion we are currently ranked as the 12th largest economy in the world. (Knoema, 2012)
  • Our country has ~22.4 million people, making us the 52nd most populous country. (World Atlas, 2012)
  • We have the highest minimum wage in the world ~US $33,355 (Wikipedia, 2013)
  • When listing countries by the size of their public debt as a % of GDP, we are around ~150th with a public debt of 19.27% as of 2012 (depending on whether you use IMF or CIA numbers) (Wikipedia, 2012)


To summarise: we are one of the richest countries in the world, with one of the lowest public debts in the world. In addition, with the highest minimum wage, our wealth is shared far more equitably then just about anywhere.

I, like many others have heard about how bad the situation is for the LNP government. So bad, that the LNP government will reduce foreign aid by many billions of dollars below that which the Labour party had scheduled. I hope the 800 million people who currently endure chronic starvation appreciate how bad it is here.

The people of Australia want to help our government!

In order to have a cheaper National Broadband Network the LNP, before the election, suggested that FTTN was good enough for now, and that any future need for faster speeds would be a problem for, um…, the future. Since our internet needs are increasing so rapidly, it was also felt that FTTN would need to be rolled out faster, since it will soon be out of date and unable to provide the speeds, for downloads and uploads, of the future.

The people of Australia want to help our government!

I would like to fully fund my fibre connection. The NBN is currently rolling out fibre to people’s homes at between ~$2,100 and $2,400 which seems like an awful lot for our poor government. It might be true that with our AAA rating we can borrow at 3-4%, which would mean that $2,400 at 4% would be a massive $8 per month, but can we really afford this level of expense?

In order to help our government, we the petitioners would like to…

  • Pay $2,400 for the fibre to my home (which also includes the box in my house).
  • Pay another $400 for the cost of the backhaul.
  • Pay another $200 for the connective electronics at the Point of Interconnect.
  • In addition, I realise that there are maintenance costs, estimated by the LNP before the election as $60 per year.
  • In addition, power and the maintenance of the connective electronics at the Point of Interconnect might possibly be as high as $60 per year (unlikely)

    Therefore, I propose to give our government and NBN Co $3,000 and pay $120 a year ($10 per month) for all maintenance and running costs

    Naturally in order to be fair, I would expect the LNP government to concede a few points as well, since I have fully paid for the fibre, connective electronics and I am paying for the maintenance.


  • There would be no additional charges from the NBN.
  • There would be no monthly line rental on our line.
  • We would get the full speed of 1000/400 Mb/s on our line.
  • There would be no CVC charges (currently $20 per Mb of bandwidth) on our line.

As a bit of a wish list, perhaps it should be tax deductable as well, after all, we are helping the government provide a proper service they are unable able to afford.

The only additional cost would be that which I arrange with my ISP/RPS and should be rather competitive, since they only have to provide data and not include any line rental or CVC charges.

If by some miracle I am unable to scrape together $3,000 I believe that I should be able to draw on my superannuation fund, without penalty, to fully finance it.

The people of Australia want to help our government!

I have personally been disappointed with my returns from my superannuation fund recently, so I would like to use my super to pay for the connection of any person who is unable to come up with $3,000 for their connection. The 7% return (profit) that would have gone to the government for the fibre NBN should obviously now be returned to my superannuation fund.

We the petitioners stand ready to shoulder the burden to provide a fibre connection for ourselves, and our neighbours. Let us help you!


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