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Unite progressive voters in Canada to defeat the Conservatives in 2015.

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The division of the progressive vote is the Conservative government's only chance of maintaining their control over the Canadian electorate and the future of Canada. Currently, opposition parties are focusing on partisan divisions and remaining stubbornly opposed to a united progressive opposition to the Conservative party. Canadian citizens must stand-up and force our progressive politicians to unite their supporters under a coalition government based on a common platform of electoral reform. This is our only hope to help stop Canada's accelerating tumble away from values of environmental protection, social security, and moderate, measured foreign diplomacy. This is also the only hope of ending Canada's ongoing mistreatment of First Nations peoples.

Sign this petition if you hope to prevent the Conservative government from continuing their erosion of the Canada that was once a leading global example of progressive social values. Send a message to Ottawa that Canadian citizens demand change and are ready to pressure politicians to listen to the demands of united progressive Canadians.

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