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We will vote tactically for the Lib Dems in Bath, only to oust the Conservatives.

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I am student in Bath and a Labour Party member who has voted for Jeremy Corbyn twice in the leadership contests. I believe he will be a much better Prime Minister than Theresa May and want to vote for him.

However, the electoral system we have means that a vote for Labour in Bath is likely to keep the Conservatives in power here because it will be splitting the anti-Tory vote. Therefore I plan to vote tactically for the Liberal Democrats here because every indicator shows that they are the only party that will beat the Tories in Bath.

This petition is to be signed by anyone who, like me, is frustrated that they can't vote for Labour or Greens without risking a damaging Tory victory. The purpose of this petition is to show the Lib Dems the proportion of their vote that comes from tactical voting, something they must bear in mind when deciding on coalition partners.

We unequivocally oppose any government, coalition or otherwise, made up of Conservatives and would feel utterly betrayed by the Liberal Democrats if they propped up a Tory government. 

Lastly, I encourage anyone signing this petition to SWAP YOUR VOTE at

That way, someone else will vote Labour in a constituency where they have a real chance of winning and together, WE WILL BEAT THE CONSERVATIVES.

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