Adult Transgender & Non-Transgender People Against Medically Transitioning Children

Adult Transgender & Non-Transgender People Against Medically Transitioning Children

November 5, 2019
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President Donald J. Trump and 5 others
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Started by Scott Newgent

The LGBT community, the Straight community, the Conservative community, the Liberal community, the Christian community, the Jewish community, and many more come together, arm in arm, to save Transgender identifying "Children" From Medical Transitioning.

For a decade, we have seen an enormous increase in the medical transitioning of children. Transgender adults like myself, as well as Non-Transgender adults, have been silenced by the loud, obnoxious vast rhetoric and bully mentality of a small group of transgender leaders yelling absurdities like,


"We are women," or "We are men," from people that were born genetically female/male and the possibility of becoming entirely female/male is impossible.


However, we have come to a place in our society that we would instead affirm the ridiculous than challenge a marginalized group of people.


Well, we are the marginalized group, along with the support of Non-Transgender adults, and we are telling you that medically transitioning children is wrong. In remaining quiet, we have cut a safe corner out for ourselves to live peacefully, but with the massive influx of children transitioning, we can in good conscience, stay silent no longer. Together, arm in arm, we come together from the LGBT community, the straight community, the conservative community, the liberal community, the Christian community, the Jewish community, and many more to save Transgender identifying children.


All these communities have many differences, different opinions, and passion that would allow up to debate for 1000 + years. Nevertheless, on this, on Medically Transitioning Children, "On This We Come Together," to protect our precious young children.


We are on the precipice of a great tragedy that will be solidified and recorded in our history to the amazement of our future generations. We have two choices, but only one outcome. If we choose incorrectly, devastation, if we choose correctly, understanding and the human spirit can be allowed to grow more accepting and loving.


Medical transitioning is a never-ending process, and it locks a child into the need for hormones and surgery for life. Our current take of the issue at hand is not focusing on what is best for a child, but rather ensuring that marginalized people do not get their feelings hurt by speaking the truth. The truth is that medical transition is brutal on the mind, body, and soul, and no one has the right to make that decision for anyone. This decision is for the person that contemplates transitioning and for a person that has entered adulthood. This decision is not for schools, psychologists, pharmaceutical companies, surgeons, society, peer pressure, or parents or politicians to wave add nod at. No one should have the right to make these decisions, no one, but an adult about their own lives.


The truth, as we see it is that some people need to transition, but with many supporters having medically transitioned themselves, we believe parents don't have the right to hand their kids these issues and medical needs they will have for life. This is not a parent's decision; this is a decision an adult should make about their own lives.


Medical transition is in the experimental stages, and we do not have the data to understand the long-term consequences. The reason we do not see a massive wave of Medical Transition malpractice cases is because a baseline has not been created to gauge proper trans care. Taking these cases cost attorneys to much, and they are declined. However, that will change, and our court system will soon be infiltrated with people wanting retribution. Answers need to be prepared in advance because our lawmakers are going to be bombarded with the question that will end careers. The question that needs to be addressed is, "Where were our lawmakers?"


For people in the medical field, I advise you to stop medically transitioning kids; your careers are also going to be in question.


This is going to end and end fast. Why?


Because it's so far past wrong, it's ridiculous; this amount of ridiculousness goes in history books for people 100 years in the future to read and shake their heads at as they try to grasp how this happened. How did the transition of thousands of children happen without their adult consent?

What I can say and the rest of the transgender people signing this petition can say is that it wasn't because we didn't warn you. You have been warned. Now, it's up to you where you want your name to be entered in the future history books that have yet been written.

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Signatures: 1,748Next Goal: 2,500
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