Change for Alberta Works, Aish Clients and be treated equal

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AISH and Alberta works clients are not getting  enough to live on. We would like to  see a raise on our monthly income and to have all meds covered by the government and that  includes cannabis. We also deserve to  see what is covered by AISH And Alberta Works.  What  we have isn't enough to  live on  and those who  are on  Alberta Works and AISH cant work  due to our heath  issues. We would also  like to see our workers get  back to us in a timely manner and not ignore there clients. To see the AISH  and Alberta Works clients not have there pay deducted by the government due to  our partners who are on other incomes and those who  receive child tax . To have more appointments with the doctors, dentists and orthopedics per year. To use our medical cards for a discount to receive the proper nutrition we need to be healthy. We want to see that  the government treat those who are on low income better and not ignore our needs for living and help us when we need the help for other costs that  we cant afford. We deserve to  be treated fairly and equally.