Legislation protecting citizen intervention in cases of police brutality

Legislation protecting citizen intervention in cases of police brutality

May 31, 2020
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The Legislative Branch of the U.S. Government
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Why this petition matters

Started by Brodie Delpino

Today is May 31st, 2020.

Cities all across the country are in the midst of spectacular upheavals of protests. The voices of American Citizens all across the country of all races, genders, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds have come together to plead for one cause, and one cause only;

For an end to the murders of unarmed African-American citizens by police officers.

Right now, the citizens of the city I live in, are rallying in the streets. They are tired of the power the police force has over the citizenship. I attended a protest in Kelly Ingram Park, and as a white man in America, I was inspired by the passion of the crowd. Diverse, on fire, and hungry for change.

One of the speakers finished her speech with a question:

"What do you all plan to do about it? After the clapping and the chanting, what do you actually plan to do about it?"

And the entire crowd went silent.

The people are SCARED to intervene in situations like George Floyd. They are risking their freedom and their lives by intervening when a police officer(s) abuses their power and strips away the rights of an American Citizen and takes his life.

This is the definition of Tyranny.

In the US Constitution, one of the guards against Tyranny is the Separation of Powers. Which is why I propose this petition to you, the Legislative Branch of the United States Government.

We are a country Of The People, By The People and For The People. Our government is in place to Serve and Protect THE PEOPLE. So what are The People to do when a man, who is placed in a position of power through arms and legislation, is committing murder of an American Citizen due to the color of his skin?

Are we to sit back and watch? Are we to record a video to provide evidence in a trial while letting the man die?

Citizen Intervention is illegal, and could very possibly end in the death of the citizen at the hands of a murderous police officer.

I beg you to help We The People make this change. When the forces sworn to Protect and Serve are not upholding their duty and committing murder of the citizenship, We The People demand protection to intervene. When a police officer has broken his sworn oath, he may no longer carry the legislative protection when a good samaritan steps in to save a life.

We demand protection for the Good Samaritan Intervention.

So I propose this petition to accomplish one goal:

Any citizen intervening in the murder of an unarmed American Citizen by a police officer has full immunity against criminal charges.

If those who are sworn to protect us are no longer protecting us, we demand the right to protect each other. 

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

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Signatures: 645Next Goal: 1,000
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